Ladder F.A.Q.

Can I play against all teams? The organiser of the event determines how many positions from your current position you can invite teams to play. You can challenge all teams that do not have a white background in the ladder. Only when playing agains a team with a turquoise background you play for the full points (instead of half).

Can I play against the same team more than once? Yes that is possible, however after the first time, you will play for half the points. Also keep in mind that you have to play against a minimum number of different opponents for the final ranking

Do I have to play at a fixed location? You can play anywhere if the other team agrees.

How do I challenge another team? We recommend using the planning tool within the padel2day ladder for this. Click on the team you want to challenge and click 'Invite team'. You can propose a maximum of 3 moments.

Do I have to invite a team via padel2day? No, you don't have to (although the match will not be visible in your padel2day agenda). When you have played the match, you can submit the score by clicking on the other team and clicking the 'Submit result' button.

What if a player gets injured or retires during the match? The teams can jointly decide to finish the match later. If this is not an option, the game will be abandoned and the team with the injured player will be deducted 3 games with a minimum of 0. For example, if a player of team 1 has to stop and the score was 5-3, the score that is passed on is 2- 3.

What if a team doesn't show up? Always try to contact the other team first maybe there was a misunderstanding and can you make a new appointment?

Can you change partners? No, this cannot be done within the same team. If your fellow player cannot play for a longer period of time (for example due to an injury), you can request the organizer to register you as an extra team with someone else. To get into the official final ranking, you must meet the minimum number of matches played as a team.

The rules state: 'Teams have to play a match at least once every x weeks'. What if I don't? The organiser of the ladder determines if teams have to play at least once during a period (and what period). If a period is mentioned in the rules and your team does not play within this period, your team will get a 25 points penalty.